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The Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry has grown reasonably during the past decade and has the potential to transform itself over the next decade too. It now has unparalleled opportunities to expand in a number of fields.

The domestic industry's long-established position as a world leader in the production of high-quality generic medicines has started reaping significant benefits as the patents on a number of blockbuster drugs have expired over the recent years. In addition, more and more governments worldwide are seeking to curb their soaring prescription drug costs through greater use of generics. These opportunities are presenting themselves not only in India's traditional wealthy client markets such as the U.S. and European Union nations but also in emerging economies with vast populations such as Africa, South America, Asia, and Eastern and Central Europe.

With our Latest Buzz Segment we try to bring forth the latest developments in the world of Pharma. It helps you to stay in touch with the ever changing industry scenarios and keeps you well acquainted with the newest endeavors.

Browsing through this section, one would get acquainted with most recent pharmaceutical news updates related to innovation in the New Launches section, information about the joint ventures and diversifications in the Mergers and Acquisitions segment and Export and Import of drugs in the segment under the same name. For all other newscast one can go through the General Buzz section and for the amendments and issue of new legislation we have a separate segment on Policy and Regulation Buzz. Also there are other sections namely Financial Buzz, Corporate Buzz, Research and Development buzz, Clinical Trials Buzz which provide you with exhaustive updates.

In a nutshell "The Latest Buzz" will help you to stay in touch with the ever changing pharmaceutical industry.
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