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3M Advertisers & Publishers Limited is one of the leading Publication house in North India , with its publication in field of Pharma , Medical, Agricultural , Veterinary , Ayurveda Science and Life Style Magazines :
  • Pharma Buzz
  • Trendz in Medical World
  • Ayurvedic Drug Index
  • Agrovet Buzz
  • Tricity Calling
  • Clinical Research Book
Pharma Buzz is a national monthly pharmaceutical magazine which caters to all aspects of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, including news, technology and business. The magazine is dedicated to provide the information about the growing Indian pharmaceutical industry. It is a comprehensive resource for academicians, researchers and pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals who need focused, reliable, and timely information about the industry to keep them updated with the recent trends and advances.

TRENDZ in Medical World, a quarterly magazine brings forth to you a compilation of all the latest advancements and happenings in the field of medicine and other allied areas. With the advent of the latest technology aids being available, every area of specialization in the medical field is witnessing an evolution. The magazine is enriched with the latest information in medical sciences and research being conducted worldwide, is designed particularly for the medical professionals besides having educative articles. The magazine reports relevant information on the contemporary trends in medical world and is at the forefront of all developments in the medical arena. It presents articles emanating from and about the scientific and medical community.

Tri-City Calling is an urban lifestyle monthly magazine that shares its readers' passion for updating and transforming themselves. Our pages carry information on the lifestyle, trends and events of Punjab and Chandigarh. The magazine helps its readers to gauge the latest trends of all the aspects including fashion, cooking, articles, home decors with inspirational interiors and practical consumer shopping guides. Tricity Calling features articles on Relationships, Beauty and Fashion, Travels, Cuisine, Art & life, Theatre and Health and Fitness. It also features articles and exclusive interviews of celebrities and power players from every walk of life.

Agrovet Buzz is an India's premier magazine, which provides complete information on the market and industry updates, scientific advances, and latest news on the development in agriculture and veterinary sector. Itís a bi-monthly magazine and is dedicated to the latest technologies to be adopted by the agricultural and dairy farmers for enhancing productivity in terms of food, fuel, milk, meat and wool from trees, crops and domestic animals.

Ayurvedic Drug Index (ADI) is an effort made to compile the proprietary and patented medicines in Ayurvedic Drug Industry. Ayurvedic Drug Index is the first ever Herbal drug information source. The purpose of the publication is to popularize Ayurveda and is valuable for practitioners of Ayurveda, drug manufactures teaching professionals, herbal chemists and people involved in cultivation of medicinal plants. It covers major Herbal formulations with detailed description about brands, manufacturing companies, composition, dose and price information of herbal formulations. In addition, it also covers phytochemicals, monographs of medicinal plants, up coming Ayurvedic events, MCQ's , FAQ's on Alternative Medicine, list of colleges, hospitals and list of manufacturers of herbal extracts and phytochemicals.
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